Is the explosion of the ball dangerous? ?
As seen in the videos, the FFS anti-fire ball does not pose any danger to the one who throws it. On the contrary, it makes it possible to gain precious seconds when starting fires. It can even be triggered by a child.

What is the power of the alarm when switching on the FFS fireball ?
The FFS fireball emits a sound of 120 db which is comparable to a standard industrial detector and is therefore effective enough to warn the user of its trigger if it is installed permanently.

Why use innovative products when I already have standard fire extinguisher ?
The FFS products first control the lights remotely and also have an economical system that allows to turn off the lights automatically and very quickly. With a classical fire extinguisher, the detector will warn you if you are at your home or business but it is you who would have to activate it .. the lights at the time to spread. With the FFS fire ball system, the ball will automatically engage with the flame contact even if you are not in the area! Even a child will be able to use it without danger because it is enough to throw it on fire and the fireball will automatically eradicate all the flames.

Does the FFS fireball activate without the presence of flames ?
The FFS fire ball system is designed to snap into contact with flames so that there is no worry during transport and to be used only when it is necessary.